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Moral absolutism is the ethical theory which believes that there are always absolute rules of which moral questions can be judged against. It means that certain actions are either right or wrong. In today’s world every moral thought is classified on our conscience which might not always be the case. So, do we surrender our emotional thought process neglecting the harsh truth?

Disregarding this hegemony we should altercate to prove each thought process from a perspective never seen or analyzed before and to bring forth a completely new prospect about an existing thought or a belief. The famous philosopher Louis Pojan emphasizes that a moral absolutist does not have to believe that all moral laws are universally applicable.

We welcome you to our theme, Hegemony of Moral Absolutism


Teams from all over the Country

Teams will go through 3 leaugue rounds and then proceed to knockouts.

Occassion graced by Faye D‘Souza

Executive Editor of Mirror Now

Rules and Prizes


Basic Structure

The debate will comprise of the following rounds:

  • 3 League rounds
  • Quarter Finals
  • Semi-Finals
  • Final
  • Prizes

    First Place: Rs. 25,000
    Second Place: Rs. 15,000
    Best Speaker: Rs. 5,000
    Best Adjudicator: Rs. 5,000

    More Details

    CRMD 2018

    The Trophy Collection




    Mahesh Bhatt

    Director, Producer and Screenwriter

    No wonder films don’t always do well. After seeing a debate like this where so many intellectual young minds fight it out who would want to go to a movie theatre?

    Way beyond my expectations. Never expected a technical college to hold such a non-technical Debate!

    Dolly Thakore

    Theatre Actress and Casting Director

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