About CRMD 2017

We always have certain thoughts and opinions about certain issues and incidents. This arises from the prejudice we develop for the event from our subconscious mind. The term Latent stands for hidden and subconscious. Latent judgement is the decision you make following your instincts. They are born from your very own gut feeling at the very instant. It is free from logic and practicality. The final verdict,which comes after a lot of thought processing and logical analysis may or may not coincide with the latent judgement. When we talk about competence,we mean power and efficiency. So here we are, testing the efficiency of our subconscious minds with every debate.

We welcome you to our theme,“Competence of Latent Judgement”

Each debate will have a motive to prove the power of our latent minds and test its efficiency.


Teams from all over the Country

Teams will go through 3 leaugue rounds and then proceed to knockouts.

Occassion graced by Tejas Suma Shyam

Educationist and Entrepreneur who has set up Thinkers to Rankers

and Brigadier Sushil Bhasin

Transformational Coach, Master Trainer and Author

Rules and Prizes


Basic Structure

The debate will comprise of the following rounds:

  • 3 League rounds
  • Quarter Finals
  • Semi-Finals
  • Final
  • Prizes

    First Place: Rs. 25,000
    Second Place: Rs. 15,000
    Best Speaker: Rs. 5000
    Best Adjudicator: Rs. 5000

    More Details

    CRMD 2017

    The Glorious Trophy




    Mahesh Bhatt

    Director, Producer and Screenwriter

    No wonder films don’t always do well. After seeing a debate like this where so many intellectual young minds fight it out who would want to go to a movie theatre?

    Way beyond my expectations. Never expected a technical college to hold such a non-technical Debate!

    Dolly Thakore

    Theatre Actress and Casting Director

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